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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Great Lakes CASKapalooza

I was chatting with John Bowden, Great Lakes Brewery sales and marketing guru the other night at the Hart House Craft Beer and Summer BBQ, and he let me know that Great Lakes was working on a number of interesting things for the upcoming Toronto Festival of Beer. He couldn't go into too much detail but he did mention that there would be a number of one-offs. He emailed me today with the list - 20 one-off cask conditioned beers!

416 Summer Fix
Superior IPA
Pompous Ass Pale Ale
Morning Glory Breakfast Stout
Green Tea Ale
Silly Pucker Raspberry Rhubarb
Uvula Ale
Waupoosalizer Snakebite
Sage and Spruce Wit
Blond Jagerbomb
Black Forest Porter
Sweet Pete’s Peach Wheat
Snaggle Tooth Pumpkin Ale
Kaptain Kolsch
Up In Smoke Rauchbier
Iron Eagle Pilsner
Lil Abbey Ale
Soggy Summer Ale
Neutron Bomb Double IPA
Simon Says Stout

He directed me to the Great Lakes blog where it states that the brewery will be rotating the casks starting Thursday night.

We're stoked to launch the most ambitious beer garden/event/craziness that TFOB has ever seen. Over the past few weeks we've been madly brewing a variety of far out beers on our new pilot brewhouse. We've custom built a refrigerated cask bar and booth for our spot in the SW corner of Bandshell Park. You'll find us sporting tie-dye shirts and playing 60's tunes all day long.
Wow! That is pretty damn ambitious! The Toronto Festival of Beer is pretty much a 4 day shit-show of binge drinking and sloppy drunkeness where the majority of individuals don't particularly care what they put in their mouth, but hopefully Great Lakes can educate some of these people on the merits of cask ale. Good on them for taking such a unique approach to a festival like this.

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