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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Heads up Halifax - Nash is Back

Tomorrow is Greg Nash's last day brewing at the Pump House Brewery in Moncton, NB. Nash has been with Pump House since April 2008 after a stint with Garrison where he brewed the first batch of Garrison Imperial Pale Ale that went on to win the 2007 Canadian Beer of the Year at the Canadian Brewing Awards. I received an email from the award winning brewer today, letting me know what he's been up to.

"I'll be whipping up some crazy beers at the new pub (Hart & Thistle) in Halifax and working on getting a new micro off the ground at the same time. Tomorrow is my last day at the Pump House. I'm moving back to Halifax to get the new place opened, I'll continue brewing at the Hart and Thistle Gastropub and Brewery for the duration and likely even after myself and a friend get the micro up and running."

Nash stated that he has plans to open the new micro-brewery sooner than later. "We're looking for a location in the HRM somewhere, may likely end up in Burnside or North end Halifax, we'll see what we can find, we've already bought a brewing system so hopefully we'll be up in a few months."

He also has a blog (News and Brews at the House of Nash) up and running that you can visit to get the latest information about what he's brewing down at the Hart and Thistle, and his first post was a great one: This is the spot to get in on all the latest news about our handcrafted cutting edge beers, I'll be pushing the envelope and breaking down the boundaries on beer styles as we know them so be sure to check back often to see what we've been up to down at the Thistle!

The Hart and Thistle are having their inaugural beer release party this Wednesday July 29th where individuals will have the opportunity to sample the first two beers done by Nash - 37hr Simcoe SMaSH and Black Nitro, which will be paired alongside some hors d'oeuvres. The event kicks off at 7pm.

As I've stated here on more than one occasion, I am a fan of what Nash brings to the Canadian brewing industry, playing with extreme styles for the beer geeks while crafting nicely balanced beers for the everyday individual. This is just great news for the Halifax beer scene.

More information about the proposed micro-brewery to be posted once it becomes available.


Brewnoser said...

Yes, we are welcoming back "Quick Mash Nash" to Halifax tonight. In the best way we know how - drinking his beer!

Now go have a beer said...

I see that Jeff likes the "Quick Mash Nash" nickname we gave him way back when Greg was in Wisconsin brewing on a little DME 3bbl "half-moon" all-in-one system. :-)

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