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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Beer, Birthday, BBQ, Cottage - Long Weekend Arrives

My whole family is heading home for the day to help celebrate my mother's 50th birthday, with the help of numerous amounts of Mill Street Tank House and delicious bbq'd meats. Then it's off to the cottage for a couple of days of lounging on the dock with a beer in hand. No internet, no cellphone, no disturbances. I hope to get some writing done for the Fall issue of TAPS, along with a number of things for the blog that I've been meaning to get to.

Here are a couple of older posts to re-visit should you stop by this long weekend.

Meet Joel Manning, the guy behind all those great seasonals at Mill Street as he answers a number of brewing related questions.

The Driftwood Brewery in Victoria, BC is approaching their 1 year anniversary, and I reviewed their Ale back in May.

I still get upset when I read the letter that Ontario's Minister of Finance, Dwight Duncan, sent me a couple of months ago. Especially after reading that the LCBO reported a record high of theft related losses last year - socially responsible at its best.

A reminder - a gentleman by the name of Ian Coutts is putting together a beer book by the name, 'Draft of History' and he is looking for pub/brewery photographs that could be used in the publication. If one of your photo's is chosen, Coutts will send you a free copy when released.

The first 'Project X' event that Great Lakes hosted back on July 9th was a good time and shows a lot of promise for the new monthly beer tastings. Next one - August 13th.

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