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Monday, June 8, 2009

Muskoka Beer Festival - Bracebridge, ON August 29th

Back in the winter I was sitting in the Griffin Gastropub having a beer with owner Jed Corbeil, and he threw out the idea of organizing a beer festival in cottage country featuring only craft beers produced in Ontario. I thought it was an excellent idea, one long overdue.

I ran into Corbeil a number of times over the next couple of months and was pleased to hear that the idea was turning into reality. The Bracebridge City Council and members of the Ontario Craft Brewers (OCB) were contacted and fully supported the plans for the festival. Then just last month I was having a pint with Corbeil on his patio and he mentioned the date was close to being finalized and things were all starting to fall into place.

Today I'm happy to pass along the news that the Muskoka Beer Festival will take place on Saturday August 29, 2009 at the Anne Williams Park in Bracebridge, running from 12pm to 8pm and will feature terrific live music, great locally prepared food, and pretty much all of Ontario's small craft breweries.

In a conversation with Corbeil earlier today he confirmed that tickets for the one day festival can be obtained from the website, which went live late last night, and will cost $20 + tax. Individuals can pay for the tickets using Paypal and have the option of either picking them up at the Griffin pub, or having them mailed for an extra $2 fee.

I'll be posting any new news that comes along regarding this festival, but for more information feel free to contact Alison at 705-646-0706 or through email -

You can also contact Jed by calling (705) 646-0706 or through email at

Muskoka Beer Festival
Saturday August 29, 2009 12pm-8pm
Anne Williams Park: Bracebridge, ON
Tickets: $20 + tax
Hosts: The Griffin Gastropub


Greg Clow said...

Great idea! It's just too bad it's the same day as the Golden Tap Awards, although I suppose the overlap won't be huge given the distance between the two events.

Troy Burtch said...

Greg - It is too bad that the festival falls on the same day as the GTAs; however, like you've mentioned, it is a big gap in distance so hopefully people can plan on attending both. I may try organizing a vehicle to leave Toronto early in the morning, check out the festival, then head back to beerbistro for the GTAs.

Hopefully the festival will get enough support to last long into the future.


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