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Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Little Steam Whistle News

At the conclusion of game six of the Stanley Cup finals my fiancee and I were heading to bed when a flashy commercial captured our attention. It was a new beer commercial featuring Steam Whistle's attractive green bottle being opened while different scenes flashed in the background.

There were no girls in bikini's, no dudes slapping each other in the face, no mountains changing colours, and there were no stupid gimmicks or dumb quotes like, "I'm so mad at my boyfriend." No, the commercial was all about the beer, something rarely seen in Ontario. The imagery was nice, the lead up to the whistle blowing was well done, and the message came across loud and clear.

"We were approached by an ad agency who had produced it on spec and we loved it. We’ve been quite overwhelmed by the positive response – emails, calls, texts and a whole lot of talk on Twitter about the ads too," stated Steam Whistle's Director of Marketing, Sybil Taylor. Not bad for their first ever television ad.

In other Steam Whistle news, the brewery have recently been running a test with 20 Beer Store locations in the city, studying the sale of their 500ml cans in suitcase style 4packs, gauging customer feedback. The four packs have been selling well in Alberta since early last fall and retail for $11.95 here in Ontario.

Still looking for a idea for Father's Day? Why not hit up the Roundhouse with the old man. Steam Whistle is offering free brewery tours for Fathers on their special day (June 21st, just a reminder). Not a bad way to start off your day. Our grab a twelve pack and throw a retro bottle opener his way. This is the fifth year in a round that Steam Whistle is offering a vintage style retro bottle opener; and its a beauty.


3 Dog Brewery said...

Finally a beer commercial that makes sense. I quickly turn off all those Coors Light and Canadian ads. They make no sense at all and have nothing to do with beer. Actually, quite annoying. I see Alexander Keith's is doing the same stupid commercials as Coors Light. Bad idea.

letsgopeace said...

thanks on the information you have provided, I always waited for the latest news from you

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