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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Feather's Pub - Sold

About two months ago I was told that the Feather's Pub on Kingston Road was in the process of being sold to the someone with ties to The Rebel House, another terrific Toronto pub. Things were quiet for a bit, but at the beginning of June, Reid (sorry, no last name), formerly with the Rebel House, purchased Feather's.

I had heard that Feather's founder/owner, Ian Innes, was looking at selling the authentic British pub for quite a while now, but all was quiet until about I contacted Innes a couple of weeks ago for some clarification and he confirmed that a sale was taking shape. Today I was notified that the sale has gone through.

Scottish born Innes opened the pub back in 1982 after moving to Toronto in the late 60's, doing what he says is every boy's dream. Feather's was run his way for over 25 years, re-creating the famed British pubs of the UK with terrific comfort food, warm hospitality and a decent beer line-up, which included a cask conditioned ale.

When I first moved to Toronto people were telling me to make sure I visited the pub right away as it sounded like my kind of place. I fell in love with it during that first visit back in November 2007 and I often take visitors from out of town there for some pints, and I've yet to hear any negative comments.

I for one will be raising my glass in Innes' honour tonight and I wish him all the best in whatever he gets up to.


Anonymous said...

That sucks. Nowhere else in this city is there such an amazing collection of single malts, all so reasonably priced. And a great tap list too. I loved gigging there and doing the whisky tastings. A unique, if somewhat down-at-the-heels pub.

Lager Bore said...

Why would the sale of Feathers to the owner of Rebel House be a bad thing? Based on my experiences at Rebel House, Feathers is going to someone who may be interested in keeping what works.
Besides, the Feathers regulars are too ornery to let anything radical happen!

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