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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Brick Brewing Co. Suing Founder Jim Brickman

Brick Brewing has been though a lot in the last year. Founder and Ontario craft beer pioneer, Jim Brickman, left his role as Executive Chairman of the company in December and in February he stepped down from the board of directors. Many other executives followed Brickman out the door, and not long after, in March, two shareholders sued the company over a non-brokered equity offering. The J.R. Brickman series of beer was also pushed to the curb during all this, and focus was placed back on the cheap beer war taking place in Ontario.

Trouble didn't end there as Labatt filed a lawsuit against Brick over the packaging of Red Baron, which Labatt claims is too similar to the Brava brand. The case is now before the courts.

Which brings us to today. The Financial Post is reporting that Brick has now filed a lawsuit against its founding father, Brickman, for $1 million for "wrongs against the corporation" for several years causing "significant damages."

Sad indeed. With loses of $7.5 million last year, Brick is hurting and all this negative PR material surely can't help their situation. It has been an interesting story to follow, and judging by this latest news, it could get a whole lot messier.

**Updated** The Globe and Mail has since released a more in-depth story, providing more details surrounding the lawsuit. Click here to be re-directed.

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