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Friday, May 22, 2009

New Granite (Halifax) Brewery Now Open

Good news coming from The Coast, a free Halifax weekly newspaper, as they are reporting that Kevin Keefe has confirmed the new location of his Granite Brewery has opened for business.

Situated in the North end of Halifax, at 6054 Stairs Street, the new location is ready to begin selling their English style products in growlers and has the prices listed as:

$9:Peculiar, Best Bitter, Dry Hop, Keefe's Irish Stout, Ringwood IPA
$10:Green Man Organic Ale
$12:Gin Lane Barley Wine
*plus deposit*

$12 for a growler of Barley Wine?- an amazing deal, and it would make for an interesting night and a rough following morning.

The retail store will be open from 9:30am - 6pm, however, should consumer demand increase, and store hours need to be expanded, Joe Keefe (manager) mentioned to The Coast that they'll accomodate new extended hours.

I posted the news about Keefe moving his digs on Barrington back in February,and while we were in Halifax two weeks ago we had plans to head to the brewery with Garrison owner, Brian Titus; however, our busy schedule didn't allow us to make it there. We did walk by the old location and it was sad seeing the dirty windows, covered with paper. It didn't seem right.

The word on the street is that the brewery is housed in a very unattractive building, but hopefully customers will look past that and get in there for the beer.

Congratulations to Kevin, and all who were involved in the re-location and subsequent re-opening!

**Photo of the old Granite location on Barrington Street**

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