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Friday, May 1, 2009

LCBO Summer Seasonal Release

The LCBO has finalized their 2009 Summer Seasonal Beer Release and it welcomes a handful of new beers into the LCBO system, complimenting a number of familiar brands. Please note that the prices are not final. It should also be noted that this list does not mention the new additions to the general listing that will be announced shortly. *Links to come*

LCBO#/Product Name/Size/Country/Retail (approximate)

73718 Edelweiss Snowfresh White Wessbier 330 ml Austria $2.05

74500 Ephemere Pomme (Apple) 750 ml Quebec, Canada $5.50

75291 Weihenstephaner Hefewessbier 500 ml Germany $3.05

76497 Samuel Adams Summer Ale 6x355 ml USA $13.45

615633 Great Lakes Orange Peel 650 ml Ontario, Canada $4.95

676346 Chapeau Exotic Lambic 250 ml Belgium $2.40

697649 Deuchars IPA 500 ml UK $3.40

119982 Het Anker's Margriet/Anker Blond 330 ml Belgium $2.70

119362 Southern Tier Raspberry Wheat 355 ml United States $2.10

118091 Lancaster Bomber Ale 500 ml UK $3.35

696955 Christoffel Bier 330 ml Netherlands $2.80

119990 Wittekerke Rosé 250 ml Belgium $2.40

698522 Hopback Summer Lightening 500 ml UK $3.45

479154 Floris Ninkeberry 330 ml Belgium $2.95


Troy Burtch said...

There are a lot of fruit beers in this years release, and as a friend of mine here at work pointed out, only 1 Ontario craft beer.

While it's not a bad release, with some new faces, it would have been nice to announce that beers from other parts of the nation were included. The price points (if they stay the same) are terrific again.

Alan said...

My take? What a pathetic selection 6 of 14 in the fringe fruit beer area and the balance of the bad 50% constituted by boring boring Deuchars. Happy to see the Weinstephaner back and the Hopback, too. The rest? I'll be spending my money to the south or in Quebec... again.

Torontoblue said...

Nice to see a solid Thwaite's beer (Lancaster Bomber) making the list. Fingers crossed this opens to door for more of their range. One of the better brewers in the UK

GenX at 40 said...

Sorry - that, too. Looking forward to it.


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