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Friday, May 29, 2009

Innis and Gunn: 'O' Canada

I was at a grand opening of a new pub a couple of weeks ago and ran into Innis and Gunn representative Nic Rennie, who recently moved here to Toronto from Scotland. I was with Canada's Pub Guy, Bill Perrie, who had a bunch of the newest Innis and Gunn beer that will be introduced to the LCBO later this summer, and he was nice enough to pass one along.

Innis and Gunn Canadian Cask - Scottish Oak Aged Beer comes packaged in a white and red box and should be available in time for Canada Day (July 1st for you American readers). The beer was matured in Canadian Whiskey barrels for 71 days before being bottled and sent here for us to enjoy; brewed exclusively for the Canadian market (150 barrels). The beer weighs in at 7.1% and will retail for $4.95.

I didn't get into my bottle just yet. I might just wait until Canada Day. It looks as though it's available in Alberta already, judging by the BA and RB ratings.


bobbyok said...

This has already shown up in New Brunswick too. Any word on what Canadian Whisky they used? I assume it would just be Canadian Club.

Troy Burtch said...

ahh Bobby you got me. I wrote this up, drank with Neil, and still forgot to ask him what whisky barrels were used. I will find out though.

Rob said...

More like oaked Canada! I'm here all night folks... try the veal.

William Joseph said...

I had this on a trip to Alberta last week and I loved it!

dauger said...

I too would like to know which Canadian whiskey barrels were used. It's interesting to have the beeer with a wee dram of the whiskey alongside!

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