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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And then there were 4: Volo's Ontario Cask IPA Challenge

Round two of Volo's Ontario Cask IPA Challenge wrapped up on Sunday evening and the results were posted at the bar yesterday for all to see.

In Division One, Granite's Hopping Mad fought off Publican's Square Nail Pale Ale and Mill Street's Tank House to move onto the semi-finals against Mike Duggan's Number 9 who beat out Durham's Hop Head and Grand River's Plowmans Ale.

Division Two has Heritage's Scotch Irish Sgt. Major's IPA and Durham's Hop Addict moving onto round three as they beat Magnotta's West Coast and Mill's Street's IPA respectively.

Also, during round two, Volo offered a number of other cask ales to sample blindly, giving customers the opportunity to try them and rate them without knowing exactly what they were or who brewed them. At the end of the weekend the scores were tallied, and boy was it close. (Scores out of 50)

(1)Beau's Beaver River - 37.63
(2)Durham Hop Head - 33.80
(3)Mill St. IPA - 34.89
(4)Mike Duggan No.9 - 38.22
(5)Magnotta Westcoast - 33.87
(6)Macleans Broad Sword - 30.02
(7)Mill St. Tankhouse - 37.14
(8)Durham Hop Addict - 39.04
(9)Granite Hopping Mad - 39.08
(10)Publican House Square Nail - 34.25
(11)Grand River Plowman's - 35.24
(12) Cheshire Valley IPA - 35.10
(13)Scotch Irish Sgt.Majors - 36.28

Round three will take place in June on a date that has yet to be confirmed. Stay tuned for more details.

I headed down to Volo last night for a couple of pints and all that I sampled were still in top notch condition. Chances are good that some firkins are still being served today, so get down there to get your fill.

1 comment:

Rob said...

I'm shocked that Magnotta finished so low. Out of the three different pints I had I think I'd rank it first.

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