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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bar Volo Gets Brewing Equipment

As if there aren't already enough reasons for people to head to Volo. Owner Ralph Morana has been bringing customers diverse beers for years, hosting tremendously successful cask events, boasts a rotating weekly cask and draught line-up, and he is one of the most dedicated publicans I have come across. You can now add another column to the Volo resume - brew pub, as Morana recently received his much anticipated brewing equipment, which he has set up in the bars kitchen.

The whole idea started along time ago. Morana was interested in cask conditioned beers, so he headed to England to learn as much as he could about the hardships of maintaining cask beer. It was a segment in the beer culture that Morana wanted to tap into, so when he came back from England he started the infamous Cask Days Festival, the pinnacle for cask ale events in Ontario.

Never one to sit and rest on past accomplishments, or ideas for that matter, Morana was interviewed by Cass Enright in May of 2007 for Bar Towel Radio and stated his plans for obtaining a brew pub licence for Volo. Since that time he has taken brewing lessons at UC Davis in California under the watchful eyes of some well known brewing instructors, toured many breweries for inspiration, and he recently put his new-found knowledge to the test and produced a mild that was served via handpump at a pub in Sunderland, England. "That was very cool," stated Morana at his bar some time ago. "The pump clip had our Bar Volo name on it, and it was consumed very quickly. I was very proud of it."

On a recent visit to Volo, Morana mentioned that he plans to start brewing very soon, producing a wide range of beers. "I think the first batch might be a hopped up IPA; however, Ontario brew pubs have to keep the alcohol content under 6%, but it will be a nicely balanced hop bomb."

Because he wants to brew a number of beers ranging in style, Morana hopes that he can brew new beers weekly, all on cask, though he understands it may not be practicable. "I'm only set up for brewing cask conditioned beers, so customers may be able to expect a new beer each week." That should impress the local beer enthusiasts' who make Volo their regular haunt.

There are also plans to incorporate homebrewers recipes, and pilot craft breweries recipes, under the Volo brand. "I'll still keep bringing in new beers, but most of my focus will be on brewing interesting stuff."

So, like I said, if you didn't already have enough reason to get into Bar Volo on a frequent basis, you do now. Stay tuned for details on the first beer to be served - via Ralph and Co.


Mig said...

Now that is one compact piece of equipment. I wonder if it'll fit in my condo?

Roger said...

I am really looking forward to seeing what Ralph produces. I'm sure it will be top notch.

Lager Bore said...

It might fit in your condo but I know it costs more than my car! Google the manufacturer for some fantasy equipment choices!

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