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Friday, March 27, 2009

Mikkeller Jackie Brown Ale

As I was sitting at the computer last night my alert notification program popped up reminding me that tickets for the April 15th Danish beer dinner at beerbistro were going on sale in the morning, which is now today. It also reminded me that I had a fresh bottle of Mikkeller’s Jackie Brown Ale sitting in my beer fridge that needed to be consumed.

I’m a big fan of the Mikkeller beers. I absolutely love the Beer Geek Breakfast, a beer that has so much going on but it so easy to drink. Mikkeller’s Stateside IPA is another strong product that found a home in my fridge, holding strong against a number of American IPA’s in a tasting a few months ago. And then there is the Jackie Brown Ale, a nice beer perfect for the cool spring months.

A colour reminiscent of a chestnut brown poured from the 650ml Danish bottle that was similar to that of a light pop (cola). The pour produced a rapidly expanding layer of foamy protection that stuck around fighting off beers worst enemy - oxygen. The toasting and roasting of the malts provided a nutty aroma, close to that of walnuts, joining a smell of a fresh cut hay-field in the summer. There is a light smokiness in the first couple of mouthfuls, which eventually succumb to more of a sweet caramel touch with a moderate bitterness in the follow through. Hops are evident in the Jackie Brown, but they play nicely with other palate punchers likes notes of coffee, honey, and dark chocolate. The 6.0% is a little more milder than some of the other Mikkeller products I’ve been fortunate to try, but I think even Pam Grier would be willing to slay Quentin Tarantino to get her hands on a bottle of this beauty.

Danish beer dinner at beerbistro, Wednesday April 15th, hosted by the Roland and Russell Import Agency. Eight courses of Danish cuisine deliciously prepared by chef Brian Morin paired with beers from Norrebro and Mikkeller. Tickets are on sale as of today at a cost of $120 plus applicable taxes and gratuities. To purchase tickets, please contact: Kathleen McGinn or Cheri Dueck at beerbistro by calling 416.861.9872.

*And for the record, I am not promoting this event in exchange for a ticket. I am promoting this event because I believe in the quality of the beers being brought in, and I believe in the business values practiced by the Roland and Russell Import Agency.

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