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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Maybe a Stout Tonight?

St. Patrick's Day has never really meant too much to me. I have rarely ventured out into the cramped faux-Irish pubs, have never ordered more than two pints of Guinness, and I have never bought into the whole "Keith's me...I'm Irish" moniker - which makes no sense(Alexander Keith was Scottish). Besides, everyday seems like St. Patty's Day to me.

March 17th belongs to Guinness, and now somewhat surprisingly Alexander Keith's (well, not really surprisingly as we know how significant the marketing from the large breweries can be). The large chain pubs are running all day festivities, splashing large Guinness banners around their establishments, hoping to attract one-day-a-year beer drinkers. Green dye was scooped up in bulk and now waits behind the bar to be added to a light lager, a sight I can't appreciate.

I'd prefer to go out to one of my locals for a quiet pint with a small group of close friends; go where the throngs of people are avoiding, and sip on a well crafted local stout. So if you're like me, remember to look out for these dark treats tonight at your local independent pub.

Keefe's Irish Stout - Granite Brewery (suggested pub: Granite)

Black Katt Stout - County Durham Brewery (suggested pub: Victory Cafe)

Publican House Stone Wall Stout - Publican House Brewery (suggested bar Volo)

Double Chocolate Cherry Stout - Black Oak Brewery (get a fresh six from the brewery)

John By Imperial Stout - Heritage Brewery (suggested pub: Griffin Gastropub)

Wellington Imperial Stout - Wellington Brewery (suggested pub: C'est What)

Mill Street Cobblestone Stone - Mill Street Brewery

Mill Street Milk Stout - Mill Street Brewery (only at the brewpub)

Hockley Valley Stout - Hockley Valley Brewery (LCBO)

Two Fisted Stout - Amsterdam Brewing Company

St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout - McAuslan Brewery, PQ

Neustadt Texas Tea Stout - Neustadt Brewery (suggested pub: Victory Cafe)


Frank said...

Some great recommendations. I'm having a growler of St John's Stout from the Yellowbelly Brewery while watching an Irish music program on TV.

nicolas said...

Irish stout from Lion d'Or for me tonight.

I'm used to McAuslan Oatmeal stout so I had take another brand for this day.

Troy Burtch said...

Frank - how appropriate for the day. How was it?

Nicolas - Thanks for the comment - how was the beer?

Frank said...

The St John's Stout is one of my favorite stouts. In the growler it doesn't retain the creamy head and as a result it seems to have bit more bitterness. The best way to have this is on tap, but its still a wonderful stout. Very similar to the Irish music, its more enjoyable at the pub ;)

malcolm said...

I just read this - one thing Troy -Iron Duke is a strong ale, not an Imperial Stout. The Imp. Stout is the elusive Russian Imp. Stout.

Troy Burtch said...

Malcolm - great catch, an error on my part when typing. Thanks for the heads up.


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