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Monday, March 23, 2009

Garrison Private Order Update

The sales numbers for the first ever private order from the Garrison Brewing Company have been a tremendous success for Cass Enright. The founder of Bar Towel (who created his own corporation to import a variety of Garrison beers) has been astonished as the speed at which the beer has ordered. "We made the announcement last Thursday, and by 6pm tonight, we only have 2 cases of the Imperial Pale Ale left, and 2 cases of the Sugar Moon Maple Ale left."

Once the remaining cases are ordered, Enright has the task of emailing each customer an LCBO ordering form which must be signed, dated, and have credit card information listed to cover the deposit on your order. Once the customer completes that form they will have to fax the original document back to Enright who will then submit the total package (all order forms) to the LCBO for the beer to be ordered. "Hopefully it won't take to long to arrive after that," stated Enright.

So for those of you who are sitting on the fence deciding whether or not to participate in this order, now is the time to act. Go to to submit your order before it's to late.

Also, Enright has posted the first story of his venture on his FreeOurBeer website - the website in which he has dedicated to exploring the beer retail system in Ontario.

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