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Monday, March 9, 2009

CBC Knows Craft Beer

Last Thursday (March 5th), the CBC's The National ran a story on the growing craft beer market in Canada and featured interviews with Wild Rose owner Mike Tymchuk and Garrison owner Brian Titus, along with shots of the Propeller brewery. The 2 minute video speaks of the rising sales of micro-brewed beer, which is projected to see sales increases of up to 35%, and highlighted the fact that there is a strong market for beer when times are tough.

As most of you who read the blog know, this is something that has been a long time coming, and something many of us have been advocating. More and more media outlets are starting to focus on the 'little guys' and we're seeing more and more public acceptance of these craft beers. From beer dinners to sporting events, the craft market has managed to wrestle away some percentage points from the national breweries, and do so on the backs of the product, not the marketing (although I think the support local tag line has helped play a marketing role in the background).

Mike Tymchuk had a great line on his comparison between craft beer and the beer produced by the large breweries: "We liken it to dining on tenderloin for a year then someone puts a Big Mac in front of you. It just isn't going to have the same appeal. You may eat it, but you'll seek out that tenderloin pretty quick again."

The video also states that the large breweries are seeing an increase in sales; however, I heard just last week from a valid source that the their sales numbers are down this year, losing footing to the microbreweries. Not to significant, but enought to make them start paying attention. We can't find out in Ontario though, as the Beer Store does not make their sales figures public.

Click here to view the video. After the ad promotion runs its course, drag the cursor to the 7min mark and watch away.

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