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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The beerbistro Cookbook

Just thinking about the recipes and beer recommendations contained in the colourful pages of this book, is enough to ignite my salivary glands. Like Pavlo's dogs, everytime I hear the word beerbistro I start to water at the mouth. I have yet to see a copy, but I can imagine writers Stephen Beaumont and Brian Morin have done a magnificent job of bringing the beerbistro culinary culture into the home of beer aficionado's and food lovers alike.

Morin the Chef/Owner of beerbistro, and Beaumont the beer writer and Beerbistro partner, have put together The beerbistro Cookbook , which is currently available for pre-ordering on, before the official April 10th release date. Word is that some pre-ordered books are being delivered as early as yesterday. There are also copies available at beerbistro, and Beaumont mentioned on Bar Towel that the highly talented duo may do some sort of book signing next week.

Here is Amazon's description of the book, which was published by Key Porter Books here in Toronto.

In beerbistro Cookbook , writer Stephen Beaumont and chef Brian Morin show how you can take your beer to a whole new culinary level. Covering everything from getting to know your ales and lagers to appetizers, mains, cheese, beer cocktails, and even beer pastry, first-timers and foodies will find something to whet their appetites and wet their whistles. Informative sidebars provide tips and hints on everything from how to pour beer to what glassware to pour it into. True-to-life photos will take you behind the scenes to see exactly how these mouth-watering dishes are made. They will make you hungry for more. Recipes include: Blonde Ale Vegetable Pakoras, Grilled Porter, Pulled Pork Quesadillas, Curried Butternut Squash and Ale Hummus, Drunken Portobello Mushroom Sandwich, The Ultimate Frites, Apple Ale Back Ribs, Navajo Spice Rubbed Oatmeal Stout Chicken, Maudite Onion Confit, Beer Butter Tarts, Beeramisu, Stout Macadamia Nut Brownies, and Beerscream.

I think this new book will look great joining the other Beaumont collections in my ever growing beer library. Get out and grab a copy today!

1 comment:

Jerry said...

Picked up a copy yesterday. Looks just like you thought it would, it is beautiful.

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