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Friday, March 13, 2009

Beer Paintings

What a great time last night. The Great Lakes Green Tea Ale launch party was another success, in a location they weren't sure would attract a sold out crowd. Were they wrong. The place was packed with many people trying the Green Tea Ale for the first time. I enjoyed this batch more than the first offerings from the brewery - no lemons please!

The Dominion on Queen was decorated green and white, the live band was rockin on stage, and the Asian inspired food was delicious. There were the usual beer lovers in attendance, but again, like I've mentioned here before about events, there were a lot of new faces in the crowd. These craft beer events in Toronto just seem to keep attracting more and more believers.

Anyway, Beer Paintings. The Dominion is old, very old. In fact, they're celebrating their 120th anniversary of serving beer this year (stay tuned for an interview with the publican, complete with pictures of his collection). Shawn, the owner, has made some changes to the pub recently, starting a museum, re-doing their beer menu to offer more diverse choices, and adding paintings of buildings in the area along with beer paintings created by a local artist, Gary Smith, which by the way are for sale.

I had the opportunity to meet with Gary last night, and he showed me some of his work that graces to walls of the Dominion. See photo's below.

This is my favourite. I may have to go back and pick this beauty up myself. Gary spoke about the history behind Rasputin and it felt like he has a deep love for this painting. $900. *Gary pictured.

This one is of the Green Tea Ale, and it was just finished in time for the launch. Sorry for the quality of the photograph. It doesn't do justice for what the painting looks like in person. $225.

Dark Ale and ham. Wouldn't this look lovely hanging in your kitchen. $325.

This is a painting of the building across the road from the old brewery (to the west of the pub sits the home of the old Dominion Brewery). Robert Davis was the owner and this building was home to all the brewery employees back in the late 1800's, early 1900's. The sign above the door still reads "Davis Terrance." $225 unframed.

Visit Gary's website to see more paintings, and to get his contact information. You can also contact the Dominion if interested in purchasing one of these paintings - hint, I like the Rasputin one!!

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malcolm said...

Hey Troy - I was there last night with a couple of friends and it was busy. A lot of LCBO employees, apparently.
Anyway, my friend was looking at the Rasputin painting and said "Hey, I recognize that - I think my Dad painted it." Sure enough, his Dad did do it, and all the others. Won't go into the family history but my friend was quite blown away to see his Dad's work.
Interesting night.

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