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Friday, February 13, 2009

Yukon Brewing Company – Headed to Brew in England

My inbox has been filling up with emails this week about new beer releases, pub news, and event information, and moments ago I received an email from a reader with the following press release that I found interesting.

Alan Hansen, the head brewer at Yukon Brewing Company, will be headed for England in March to brew up some batches of Lead Dog Ale. He will be joining other master brewers who have been invited from New Zealand, Finland, and the US. The Yukon Brewing Company will be the first Canadian brewery selected to brew beer for the JDW Beer Festival in England.

The beer that is brewed in March will be available at the 18 day long festival that will take place in April. This is no small event – it is expected that over 3 million pints of beer will be consumed over the 18 days. The festival is a “Real Ale” festival.

The Lead Dog Ale was selected since it is perceived as a beer that will make an excellent real ale. It is already natural and unpastuerized, and in England it will be packaged in the cask unfiltered. While the Yukon version of the beer is carbonated, it is lightly carbonated – as a real ale, with only natural carbonation, the flavours in the beer will be accentuated.

Stephen Beaumont and Greg Clow reviewed the Lead Dog Ale for the Winter issue of TAPS Beer Magazine and both were in agreeance that the beer was top notch. Hopefully the individuals attending the JDW Beer Festival will concur with the two beer writers and lap up the Yukon brew. The brewery will make a fine Canadian representative in England.

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