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Friday, February 6, 2009

My Incomplete Session #24 - Tripels

Beer is best when it's shared, and a strong beer is just right for sharing. Belgian Tripels are big beers with a flavor profile that is enjoyed by both experienced and new beer fans. Be it an intimate evening, or watching a ball game on TV, a Tripel is made for sipping and sharing. For Session #24 the theme is "A Tripel for Two." What Tripel would you pick to share with that good friend, family member, or lover?

Today is Friday. The first Friday of the month, and that means it's Session time. I haven't taken part in the last couple of Sessions due to conflicts in my personal schedule and today I'm faced with the same dilemma.

Here I am, sitting at work, thinking about Tripels. David over at Musings Over A Pint chose the subject for the 24th edition of the Session and I don't think I'll have time yet again to get a full post completed. If I was back in school I'd be getting an F on this assignment.

I guess I could have cracked open one of the Tripels I have in my collection last night to prepare a glowing review to be posted today. But I didn't and now I'm wishing I had.

I have a couple bottles of the Koningshoeven Tripel that the LCBO brought in at a very reasonable price; a couple of bottles of Unibroue's La Fin du Monde in my fridge, some Westmalle, Chimay White, Piraart and some more. And they're all still there. I'm killing myself. It's 8:30am as I write this and I'm wishing I was back home, feet up, book in hand, sipping from a chalice holding a beer the Belgians made famous.

Then I thought, 'Well maybe I'll do a small post on the style,' but that is boring, and I'd be surprised if the people that read this blog don't already know about the history of the Tripel and their qualities. So this is what you get.

I actually plan on receiving some Mill Street Betelgeuse growlers (new Tripel recently released) tonight for sampling and I may, just maybe, get something posted for this weekend. And to answer David's question - "What Tripel would you pick to share with that good friend, family member, or lover?" Well, I'll pick the Mill Street, but I'll be drinking it alone as the fiance has celiac.

I'm sure I'll be feeling it tomorrow!

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