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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Grand River Curmudgeon IPA

I got a note from Grand River brewer Rob Creighton this morning stating that the brewery held another successful tasting last night, their IPA tasting. "Another great event last night with the launch of the Curmudgeon IPA," stated Creighton in the email. "We added a variation to this one as Len & Judie Owens of the Golden Kiwi provided cheese plates and munchies to help moderate the effects of some
strong beers."

The new IPA produced by Grand River (Curmudgeon) checks in at 6.5% abv and approx. 70IBU's using English Pilgrim hops for bittering and Fuggles to finish, according to Creighton. "I think it would be accurate to say that the Curmudgeon provided a distinctly drier 'back of the throat' bitterness that typically comes with our water and yeast combo."

An interesting angle to the beer comes from the bottle the IPA is found in, as Golden Kiwi owner Len Owens' face is pictured on the bottle. "I think it will work well and has received a lot of positive feedback. For a nice guy, Len makes a great curmudgeon," said Creighton.

He also passed along some other information sharing the news that The Kiwi will host a beer dinner on Thursday March 23rd at the Kiwi in downtown Cambridge that Grand River will participate in.

The next tasting at Grand River will feature Stouts and Porters that may include a monster Imperial Stout. Head out to Cambridge on March 10 and take part.

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