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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

TAPS: Winter Issue

With every issue of TAPS Beer Magazine that gets released, I post a teaser here on the blog outlining what articles are featured and who authored them.

Alan (A Good Beer Blog) has already written his thoughts regarding the latest issue and Chris (Love Good Beer {BC}) felt that the magazine is still a little to Ontario focused.

It's good to see people writing about the magazine, and the constructive criticism and suggestions are always welcome - it helps gauge what others are thinking. When TAPS was re-branded under new management just over one year ago, no one wanted anything to do with the magazine. The first issue was primarily filled with news and stories from Ontario, but we heard from readers and over time TAPS has added writers from the East and West Coasts. We're trying to accommodate each province, and readers from each province, and hopefully it will please the readers out there.

Back to the winter issue, which was released two weeks prior to Christmas. I'll start from the west and make my way eastward.

Connie Proteau takes readers on a ski and brewery tour of the Rocky Mountains and Kootenay region starting in western Alberta. Good read for beer lovers visiting the area's mentioned this winter.

Joe Wiebe discusses, and points out, the various BC craft brewers who keep us smiling through the snowy season with Winter beers. Phillips Hammer Imperial Stout please!

Kristina Santone provides readers with a behind the scene story on the Canadian Brewing Awards gala. She also has lunch with Neil Sharp of Innis and Gunn and tells us how it went.

Greg Clow tells everyone about one of the most respected styles of beer out there - Barley Wines, and does a good job naming some beauties.

Bill Perrie visits the Griffin Gastropub in Bracebridge, ON and has a great time.

Stephen Beaumont ponders a serious question: Who happens to be Canada's best beer-drinking city. You can make your own guess, or pick up a copy of the issue to find out what Beaumont thinks.

Bill White took a trip to Germany (thanks to his daughter) and lived to tell about it. White visits the famous breweries, structures and drinks the beer that has put Germany near the top of the brewing nations.

Sam Corbeil tells another tale from the brewing side of things - about learning from his mistakes.

I conducted an interview with Brooklyn's brewmaster and noted beer author Garrett Oliver when he was in town for a beer dinner featuring Brooklyn's beers. I also headed out to the Publican House Brewery, Peterborough's newest resident, for a profile, and I reviewed Nicholas Pashley revised Notes on a Beermat book.

Mirella Amato was busy in this issue. She interviewed Beerbistro's owner and chef Brian Morin, took an interesting look at where many of the now defunct Upper Canada Brewery employees ended up, and celebrates Dieu du Ciel's 10th anniversary.

Craig Pinhey interviews both Graham Kendall (brewer with Oland in Halifax and maker of Keith's Stout) and Andrew Oland, the President of Moosehand Breweries. He also wonders if there is such as thing as beer TOO bitter.

And that pretty much wraps it up. There is also a gift guide, a homebrewing recipe (courtesy of the dudes at Biergotter's) and beer reviews featuring Mill Street Barley Wine, Yukon Lead Dog Ale, Wild Rose Black Cherry Porter, Picaroon's Man's Best Friend Porter, McAuslan Oatmeal Stout and Hockley Valley Stout.



Frank said...

In my opinion, its your best issue yet. I really enjoyed Bill White's tour of Germany. Beer travel is something I'd love to do more of.

Troy Burtch said...

Hey Frank,

Glad you enjoyed the latest issue. We want to continue to grow the magazine to the best it can be.

I'll share your words with Bill White.


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