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Friday, January 30, 2009

The Loud Drunk Bar Patron

I headed down to a fake Irish pub for lunch today to enjoy a pint before doing an interview with Global News about buying local beer. I grabbed a seat at the bar, ordered a pint of Mill Street Tankhouse and waited for the camera crew and interviewer to arrive.

Seated beside me at the bar was a middle aged man clutching a bottle of Budweiser and talking about the weather outside. "Say, it's friggin chilly outside. Not too bad, but chilly enough. Well, actually, it's probably just the wind." He continued, "what do you do for livin?" Before hitting on the bartender, who by the way was not diggin it. "Hey honey, honey, grab me another Bud, I'm heading out for a smoke." Upon re-entering he hollered, "how much for those bottles?" He was already on his fourth bottle and it just, and I mean it just, turned 12pm. He was loud, he was bothersome, and he was drunk.

There was no empty seats in the bar when I arrived, only the ones situated to this individuals right and to his left. No one wanted to sit near him. This must be hard on bartenders, putting up with these antics on a daily basis.

The part that I found the most difficult to swallow - the $5.25 price tag for a bottle of Budweiser. Ouch! A pint of Tankhouse is $6.10.

Interview on Global News tonight at 6pm for those interested - I tried not to sound to foolish.

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Dave said...

You may get a lot of these comments but drunk bar patrons are partly the bars fault. I don't want to be a whiner about it but people are consistently over served at bars and then the staff complains about them. I have worked in bars and restaurants and have seen this first hand. I realize more than anyone that cutting someone off can be a challenge and might not get you a tip but it's the only way to do it. This works for the benefit of the bar, the other patrons and for general society that exists outside of the bars walls.

But then again in order to move Budweiser maybe this is required. We are what we drink.

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