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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

YellowBelly St. John's Stout

When I was in Newfoundland this summer for a wedding I visited the YellowBelly Brewery when it was under renovation. I posted about the visit and have since updated readers on the status of their development. I get e-mails from readers from both ends of Canada daily and I'd love to post everything I get, but something about the YellowBelly and the importance it plays in the city of St. John's led me to promise myself I would keep informing drinkers of anything new (5 posts to be exact). Whatever it may be.

I received the following e-mail from a reader out in Newfoundland who is over the moon that he can actually get good beer in his home province; beers brewed by an esteemed brewer like Liam McKenna. The individual wanted to let me know that the launch for the St. John's Stout went over very well and the beer was fantastic.

Hi Troy,

The St John's Stout was launched at the Yellowbelly last night (Monday). The rumors are true, Liam Mckenna makes an excellent stout! Thick creamy head, full body, low carbonated inky black stuff with a lovely roasted bitterness. Its just what we need for the cold nights ahead. Liam says that it comes in at 4.5%.

The launch party was a great success. I went there with my cousin (a very good homebrewer) and another friend. As soon as we got in the front door Craig Flynn, the owner, was there with a ticket each for a free pint. The Chef was making his way around the room with free slices of thin crust pizza and other treats from the kitchen. Fergus O'Byrne was playing the banjo and singing some great songs like only he can. The place was packed. Not bad for a Monday night.

It was a good night at the pub. Craig Flynn was heard to remark that "we should launch a beer every Monday night."

I also wanted to mention that the Mayor of St John's, Dennis O'Keefe, was among the many people enjoying the St John's Stout last night. I can't see David Miller showing up at a beer launch in Toronto.
I'm glad to hear that everything seems to be going good for the brewery and I look forward to trying the stout.

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