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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Railway City Brewing Adds New Brewer

The small Railway City Brewing Co. in St. Thomas Ontario has recently released their first newsletter, which contains some news regarding the hiring of a new brewer.

Barbara Ziola is our new brewer, formerly a brewer with Creemore Springs Brewery. Barbara brings her many years of experience to the brewery and has already made an impact with improved carbonation levels, and a more consistent products. Please stop in and visit Barbara, she's at the brewery most days throughout the week.
Turns out Barbara wasn't the only new addition to the brewery, as RWC has put together a new management team who will provide diverse opinions on the daily operations to help strengthen the brewery. The management team will soon be establishing a sample panel to critique the RWC line of beers and help in the development of new seasonal styles.

Also in the newsletter, RWC announced a special Christmas offer to those who purchase either 2 growlers or a 12 pack of beer. "With every 2 growlers purchased or 12 pack of bottles, the brewery will give you a free 16oz glass." - For those of you looking for a last minute gift!

RWC has also updated the list of establishments currently carrying their beers, most coming from the area surrounding St. Thomas:

East Side Mario's - St. Thomas and select outlets in London.

St. Thomas - New Sarum Diner, Pasto's, The Wayside, Longhorn's, Bella Jack's, Legend's, The Beanery, Boston Pizza, Crabby Joe's, Ollee's, The Salty Pickle

Port Stanley - Windjammer Inn, M.E. & Suzie's

Springfield - Post 'n' Pillar

London - Locker Room, JD's Sports Bar, Alex P Keaton's, Fanshawe College, Black Pearl, Tony's Pizza

Parkhill - Legion

Komoka - The Rail

Hamilton - The Winking Judge

Toronto - Bar Volo

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