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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Free Our Beer Updated

Fellow beer writer and friend Cass Enright has been busy over the last couple of weeks getting things posted on his Free Our Beer (FOB) website that is definitely worth checking out.

Back on November 16th he posted his feelings on the 'Bring your own Wine' (BYOW) legislation that came into effect in 2005 as it excludes the mention of beer. While he understands that someone walking into a restaurant with a couple 341ml equalling the 750ml wine bottles is unreasonable, he ponders the question why beers packaged in champagne/wine style bottles like some Canadian favourites Unibroue, Beau's or Wild Rose Cherry Porter aren't. If the beer is packaged in a bottle similar to that of wine, why exclude it from the legislation. It's a good read and a good question. What would happen if you walked into a posh place with a bottle of La Fin du Monde and asked the server to pop the cork? Sounds like an experiment waiting to happen.

Enright also keeps readers informed about Anheuser-Busch joining Inbev and how they now own part of the Beer Store. Enright loves to remind anyone who'll listen about the almost criminal way in which the government allows beer to be sold in Ontario. Molson-Coors (Colorado) 48.5%, Anheuser-Busch Inbev 48.5% (Brazil/Belgium/St.Louis) and Sapporo (Japan) 3%.

And finally, Enright let readers in on a little LCBO secret: The offer individuals the opportunity to go online to purchase alcohol and have it delivered ( I had heard of this some time ago but never paid any attention to it. Enright points out the obvious in that the site is definitely lacking in 'beer appeal' and that you never hear the LCBO promote this feature. He also makes a great point with his 'just enough' theory as he suggests that this secret gift site is a way for the LCBO to say that they offer this service yet don't expand on it's services, thus diffusing the criticism they might face.

For all those passionate beer consumers here in Ontario who want to see changes in the way beer is sold in this province, I highly recommend you follow Enright's website and offer tips, suggestions and comments that you would like to see explored. Beer drinkers come from all different backgrounds, with different occupations and together we can offer a strong voice and insight, and Enright's site is a great place relay those thoughts.

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