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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

TAPS: Fall Issue Review

When invited guests of the 2008 Canadian Brewing Awards departed the Richmond for the evening they were provided with a gift bag that included the newest issue of TAPS: Canada's Beer Magazine, the fall issue.

This was the second issue that featured the new look of the front cover and the fourth issue released under the new ownership, which is inching closer to their first anniversary of the re-launch.

The Fall issue is one of the best in my opinion, as the contributing writers all submitted exciting and engaging stories from the beer world and the many colourful pictures jump from the page. You'll notice that three new faces have joined the TAPS writing team as 'Professor of Beer' Roger Mittag was welcomed to the magazine along with British Columbia based freelance drinks writer Joe Weibe as well as Greg Clow's wife Sheryl Kirby who heads up TasteTO with Clow.

The magazine has also added a tasting section where six of us, including the Toronto Star's Josh Rubin, taste and review Canadian beer. This issue saw Propeller IPA, Tree Cutthroat, Great Lakes Pumpkin, Creemore Pilsner, Old Yale Sasquatch Stout and Dieu du Ciel Derniere Volonte get the spotlight.

Here is a breakdown of the content you'll find within the pages of Canada's only beer magazine.

Stephen Beaumont shares his expertise in setting up a high end beer dinner with the right beers;

Greg Clow tells a beautifully illustrated tale about the history of Porter and lists a number of respectable breweries in Canada that get the style right;

Bill Perrie talks about his view on the high and mighty Beer Store and what would happen to small craft breweries should grocery stores start selling beer;

Mirella Amato takes us to Quebec to Le Trou du Diable brewpub and profiles some members of the Canadian Amateur Brewers Association and their deep homebrewing passions;

Roger Mittag shares an inside look at the Canadian Brewing Awards Judging that took place back in September with notes on the judges, how judging is performed and what the atmosphere was like;

Craig Pinhey discusses the new wave of light beers from large macro breweries that are popping up along the East Coast and profiles the beautiful book "Sociable" that was written by Bob Cannon;

Bill White gives us beer and food pairings as well as a report from the World Brewing Congress he attended;

Joe Weibe carries readers on his shoulders while he travels across Victoria BC on an Ale trail;

Sarah Otto evaluates organic and gluten free beers for those not blessed with a wheat tolerance;

The complete winners list from the CBA judging is included; and,

I finally had the Henry House article published, albeit a smaller condensed version and I shared some insight on the new Railway City Brewing Co., Volo Cask Days, Roland and Russell Import report and some smaller tidbits throughout the mag.

Pick up your copy today at select Chapters/Indigo stores, Book City, independent newsstands or contact the magazine through the website at

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