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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Railway City Brewing Co. Update

Since opening for business back in April of this year, Railway City Brewing Co. has been busy getting their beer out to new accounts, keeping old accounts happy and making sure they get involved in some beer events close to home and here in Toronto. Their beers recently made an appearance at the Golden Tap Awards back in August and one of the three brands have since been on tap at Volo and C'est What.

Here is some other news from Railway City.

Well, they have updated their website to provide interested beer drinkers with a list of every account their beer is sold in, including C'est What, where those from Toronto are encouraged to go try it for the first time.

Look for their first ever Cask at Volo Cask Days October 17-19, they're not sure how it will turn out, but they're happy to be contributing to a great beer event such as this.

Not long ago, Railway City participated in a Harley Davidson Customer Appreciation event where they sold a keg in less than 20 minutes and 5 kegs in less than 5 hours.

New to the pub scene will be Railway City's new coasters with their bold logo. If you're a pub representative, give the brewery a call to see how to get some for your establishment.

Also, Railway City has brought in some additional consultants to help with some improvements on the brewing side of things and to work with the brewing team to increase their knowledge, while ensuring consistency is maintained.

Great to hear some good news from one of Ontario's newest craft breweries.

1 comment:

Teena in Toronto said...

We tried a Railway beer at C'est What on Friday. I hated it but Gord liked it!

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