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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Little Rest and Relaxation

After another busy week with stops at the Abbot on the Hill for the Czechvar release party, a work party at a local pub, the father in-law's birthday party and Hacker Pschorr Oktoberfest Marzen launch at the Abbot on the Hill, I needed a bit of rest. I apologize for not getting anything up on the blog over the weekend, and as you can see below, I didn't get that rest.

I woke up on Saturday morning with a sore throat and faced the difficult task of dragging myself out of bed to attend two funerals (a new record for me). The day was long and the need for a good solid beer was calling my name; however, due to this stupid sickness I didn't want to waste a beauty as I wouldn't really get a lot of taste or smell; like the bottle of Beer Geek Breakfast I so craved.

Sunday was brunch time at the Abbot on the Hill as Octoberfest rolled into town. The Hill had Hacker Pschorr's Octoberfest Marzen on draught for the first time in Ontario and had prepared some authentic German food. I had a couple pints of the marzen along with my bratwurst over pumpernickel bread with poached eggs and hollandise sauce. The Hill was also running an Olympic fundraiser and featured many collectible items up for auction.

Sunday was also the fiance's family's Thanksgiving. I hugged the end of the couch with a bottle of Grand River's Mill Race Mild, a delicious sessionable ale rich in flavour and body, and with a little medicine earlier in the day, I was able to actually enjoy it. With dinner brought Brooklyn Local 1 to the table. It was perfect with the turkey and yams. When the pumpkin pie was brought out a bottle of Great Lakes Pumpkin Ale followed and the two meshed perfectly. Others tried it for the first time and realized that the two worked so much better than the red wine they were currently consuming with the pie, much to my delight.

Which brings me to yesterday. Still feeling terrible (actually getting worse) I headed back up to Orillia for my family's dinner. I hid in a corner reading Stephen Leacock's 'Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town' sipping La Fin Du Monde trying to get some rest from the crazy house full of little cousins. I was beat by the time I got home late last night and back to work this morning.

So after voting tonight, I plan on resting in front of the television, gathering the energy to make it to Volo this weekend.

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