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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Great Lakes Pumpkin Ale Launch Tonight

Got no plans tonight?

Then head over to the Victory Cafe, the terrific pub in Mirvish Village to help welcome back Great Lakes Pumpkin Ale. Just in time for the Thanksgiving weekend, this pumpkin flavoured ale is always a sure hit at the dinner table, especially with a big serving of sweet potatoes or pumpkin pie.

The festivities kick off at 6:00pm with a live band, delicious finger foods (pumpkin themed) and a selection of Great Lakes products. After being reviewed in the Toronto Star yesterday, Great Lakes is expected a large number of fans to attend tonight so get there early and grab a spot.

Here's what I thought about this year's batch - taken from TAPS: Canada's Beer Magazine.

The fall months have been a long time coming, and released just in time to welcome them with open arms is another one of the Great Lakes seasonals; Pumpkin Ale. The beer pours a clear amber colour with a thin white rim of sturdy head and leaves behind a bit of lacing. Hints of pumpkin come wafting from the mouth of the glass and are joined by other earthy aromas of nutmeg, clove and cinnamon, which are all added during the brewing process. The taste consists of the above mentioned ingredients, and a small spicy hop presence combined with sweet malt balances this autumn brew out nicely. Serve with a slice of mom’s homemade pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving.

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