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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Denison's Dunkel is Back

I popped into Bar Volo last night for a meeting, and low and behold Michael Hancock of Denison's was there, drinking a pint of his signature Munich style Dunkel.

On draught for the first time in a while, Hancock asked if I wanted one and how could you say no. Glad I accepted because it had been a long time since I last had one. Very nice and perfectly sessionable, this beer caters to both beer enthusiast's and the person just starting out on a craft beer drinking journey.

The Dunkel will now be available year-round as there is no problem with capacity at the Cool brewery, where it is currently being brewed under contract. "It will be tricky trying to re-introduce the brand after having it off line for so long. It could have been ready in the summer, but I decided to hold off until to the fall to bring it back," stated Hancock. The Dunkel has already started to roll out to establishments across the GTA and into Kitchener.

After my meeting was finished I headed back up to chat with Volo owner Ralph Morana and Hancock and ended up staying longer than I had intended. We discussed Cask Days ticket sales, which by the way are going strong, but as mentioned here earlier this week, there are still some up for grabs. Morana also shared some of the beers that will be available and my god, I think drool actually fell from my lip. Can't wait.

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Anonymous said...

When are they going to start bottling some of that delicious Denison's beer?...not everyone has the time, money, or proximity to a few 'chosen ' pubs to stop in for a pint any time they choose... now, I realize canning or bottling it might take a bit of the shine off their crafty brews, but from a business perspective, it would be the better move. Give the people what they want when they want it, eh!

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