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Friday, September 12, 2008

Fionn McCool's and Craft Beer

I support my locals. That is one of the reason's why I started this blog, to help spread the word on terrific independently owned pubs and beer bars along with locally produced craft beer. I rarely venture into a chain pub as it just doesn't work for me; however, I understand that a good number of people regularly do so I decided to post this edited press release from Fionn McCool's pub division.

Another reason for posting it is because when a large chain recognizes that craft beer is starting to make a significant impact in the brewing industry and demand is high, acting on it is noteworthy, even if it is a large corporation. Places like Smokeless Joe's, Bar Volo, Beerbistro, The Rhino and more have been doing this for years and have been successful at it. I will continue to go there. But this provides someone like me (and maybe you) with the chance to order something other than a Guinness or another multi national Canadian lager when enjoying a night out with fans of the chain pubs.

Fionn MacCool’s to feature connoisseurs’ favourite Craft Beers from September 8th – November 30th…

TORONTO – September 8, 2008 – Beer lovers who seek out the flavour, aroma and colour of an exceptional beer, are now able to savor a rare collection of craft beers at Fionn MacCool’s. From September 8th to November 30th, Fionn MacCool’s will showcase a hand-picked collection of five of the most delicious craft beers from around the globe.

Featured Craft Beers of the World include:

· Brooklyn Lager, Brooklyn, New York: Created by a former journalist and banker, this lager started out being sold from the back of a truck. A Vienna-style lager with an amber gold colour and a floral aroma. (16 oz/ABV 5.2%)

· Anchor Steam Ale, San Francisco, California: In business since 1896, the Anchor Brewing Co introduced their ale in 1975. A dry-hopped ale with medium bitterness and a subtle flavour of caramel. (12oz/ABV 4.9%)

· Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware: This IPA heralds from Delaware’s first brewpub. An East Coast beer known for its citrus hop character. (12oz/ABV 6%)

· Bulmer’s Dry English Cider, Hereford, England: In 1887, a family recipe and family apple orchard resulted in the birth of traditional cider. Bulmer’s is stone pressed and delivers a crisp, clean flavour. (19oz/ABV 4.5%)

· Fischer Tradition Ale, Schiltigheim, France: Renowned for their brewing tradition since 1821, Fishcer Brewery makes traditional ale characterized by a rich head, round flavour and fruity aroma. (22oz/ABV 6%)

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Teena in Toronto said...

Good to know! We love the Rhino because of their huge beer list.

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