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Monday, August 18, 2008

TAPS:Canada's Beer Magazine-Issue 3

The newest issue of TAPS: Canada's Beer Magazine was recently released just in time for the Toronto Festival of Beer, complete with a new sleeker look and feel.

Gone are the paintings that graced the covers of the two previous issues, replaced instead with a picture of a beer on a side table beside a patio chair, in sync with other beer magazines. Above the picture is our new big bolded white title that 'pops' from the shelves at newsstands, making it easier to find among the various other beer and wine publications. The pages are also thinner than the previous issues, yet the entire magazine is still 100% colour with sharp photographs. The feedback was instantly positive from both retailers and customers alike, which was the aim for this new direction all along.

The stuff contained inside the magazine is fantastic as well. Many of the contributing writers are back with great editorials and educational articles.

Stephen Beaumont discusses glassware and how it can improve your beer;

Craig Pinhey weighs in on the debate between who's snobbier - wine or beer judges as well as offering some pub profiles in the Atlantic provinces and sharing his views on the World Beer Cup;

Bill White discusses malt and comes up with some good beer and food pairings for all to enjoy, along with a report from the Craft Beer Conference in San Diego;

Greg Clow teaches us about the wonderful wheat beers with German heritage and profiles some beer books;

Mirella Amato takes us to lupulin ride as she writes about double IPA's, the Montreal scene and her trip to San Diego;

Kristina Santone captivates women readers with a profile on female's in the brewing industry;

Connie Proteau tells us what's happening on the west coast;

Martin Sayers shares some London pub info;

Rob Engman drinks at the UFO in Nashville;

Bill Perrie takes you with him as he visits the Beer and Cocktail show, the Steelback re-launch and Saint John's Alehouse;

and I conduct interviews with Dogfish Head owner Sam Calagione, Steve Peters (the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario), and Val Stimpson of Neustadt Brewery, I also highlight the Weihenstephan beer launch and update readers with some Ontario and Alberta beer news.

The TAPS' website is currently being re-vamped to ensure friendly navigation and can be accessed by visiting Here you can browse through pictures, ask brew master Bill White any brewing related questions, check out advertising specifications, download any of the seven video podcasts for free and check out our subscription rates.

As mentioned here previously, TAPS is Canada's only beer magazine and is available coast to coast in select Chapters/Indigo bookstores as well as various Book City's and independent newsstands.


Zoran said...

"Dogfish Head owner Sam Calagione, the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario" - I wish Troy, I wish...

Troy Burtch said...

Zoran - imagine!

Steve Peters is the Speaker at Queen's Park and he also happens to be a craft beer supporter.

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