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Friday, July 25, 2008

Cask, Pubs, Weissbiers, Awards, Oh My....

A litte news round-up from the world of beer in Canada.

*The core members of the CASK Toronto group have recently announced that there will be a follow-up to their very successful summer cask festival held back on July 13th at Victory Cafe. Word has it that Victory will host a winter festival sometime in January which is terrific. There aren't many beer events that happen during the cold snowy month of January and this will definitely lift those dark day blues.

*As mentioned on this blog earlier this week, the Gahan House brew pub has recently started bottling their Sir John A McDonald Honey Wheat and Red Island in 500ml bottles for distribution in the PEI Liquor Commissions.

*Cass Enright, over at provides readers with more stories about the red tape and dysfunctionality within the Beer Store conglomerate, as he tells the plight of Beau's All Natural Brewing Co. in Vanleek Hill. Turns out that Beau's beautiful ceramic style top bottles are not being returned to the brewery as standard bottles would be. Instead the Beer Store is smashing them, purportedly for recycling purposes.

*TAPS: Canada's Beer Magazine has released details for the 2008 Canadian Brewing Awards. The CBA's are entering their sixth year and more and more Canadian breweries, big and small, are entering more products year after year. Judging is taking place on September 6th in Markham at the Duchess of Markham pub with 12 certified beer judges sniffing, swirling, tasting and rating. TAPS also released information regarding the awards gala. The Richmond, located in Toronto, will host the gala as brewer representatives from around the country will gather and try each others award winning brews. Members of the public are encouraged to attend the gala.

*Donna Alsop, the owner of The Henry House pub in Halifax, NS (and one of my favourite ever) emailed me this week to inform me that they have added an outdoor patio, providing more room for the always busy pub. Cask conditioned Granite beers on the patio of an historic building with the smell of ocean air in your lungs, I can't imagine anything better right now.

*A loyal reader of this blog sent me an email early this week to direct me to a chapters/indigo link featuring a brand new book titled: "Sociable, the Elbow Bender's Guide to Maritime Pubs" authored by noted local Wolfville musician Bob Connon. I have yet to obtain a copy to review, although I have talked with Connon and hopefully I should have one shortly. From what I've heard from some pub owners in Nova Scotia is that the book in wonderfully done, full of beautiful colour photos and well written with informative profiles.

*Weihenstephan Hefe-Weissbier came into the province this year with a bang, as the team at Beer Barons Imports threw a posh party at Toronto's Bier Markt back in May. So how has it sold? Sean Fleming, owner of the Barons, states that Weihenstephan is selling so well that it might soon be gone. 14 pubs/beer bars are currently carrying the 500ml bottles and sales are strong (for a full listing visit Beer Baron's website). As well, 1200 cases of the beer were received by the LCBO and there are roughly 200 left in the warehouse and only 150 in the retail stores, as of July 22.

*And last but not least, the funniest news of the week comes from a forum on Bar Towel about Mill Street, Sleeman's and the Distillery District. Turns out a new poster who calls himself Izaak wrote a long, sloppy post in defense of the Distillery Restaurant Group and blasted Mill Street. He also went on to say that Steam Whistle is a small time craft brewery. Well, news editor Greg Clow did some investigating and it appears that Izaak posted from the Boiler House, a restaurant in the Distillery. I don't like calling people out but Izaak, come on man, use your head

Have a great weekend.

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