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Monday, June 30, 2008

Suggest a Toronto Pub

Something a little fun for today's unofficial holiday. While I sit here at work, I am thinking of a nice cold pint in my hand and wonder where I'll get one after work.

I plan on spending a couple hours in a Toronto pub tonight for a report tomorrow and I am asking readers to recommend one of their favourites for me to try.

I'll you have to do is click on the 'comment' icon at the bottom of this message and leave your suggestion. Don't be shy. I'm up for anything, with the exception of a large chain pub. So suggest away.

Tonight is Volo's $5 pint night, which I try to get to monthly, so I might end up there for a pre-drink before heading out.


Dave R. said...

Judging by your links to pubs already visited, I won't say the Granite (but it is my fav place).

I'll recommend The Magpie Cafe.

Rudge said...

Ever been to Communist Daughter? You'd probably like it.

Chris said...

beer bistro
they just got in their new summer taps last wednesday!

Sean said...

I'll say:
Dominion on Queen
Village Idiot
or The Magpie

Rob said...

Do the Village Idiot as Sean mentioned. You would like it, it seems like a pub you would enjoy.

I haven't been to the Dominion yet, but I've heard it's a good spot for a beer. To far from my house though.

Alex Illich said...

Don't do the idiot, Atif is a nice enough guy but his beer selection while vast is mediocre in selection. not a single decent canadian brew on it. Their best beers = mort subite kriek, hoegaarden and leffe brun.

Troy Burtch said...

Thanks for all the comments. Stay tuned for a profile of one shortly.

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