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Friday, June 13, 2008

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Looking for something special for your 'pops' this Father's Day? Here are some suggestions for the beer drinking fathers out there.

1 Year Issue to TAPS: Canada's Beer Magazine
For only $18.00 a year you can get your dad a subscription to the only beer magazine in Canada. TAPS features writers like Stephan Beaumont, Craig Pinhey, Bill White, Greg Clow, Mirella Amato, Martin Sayers, Canada's pub guy Bill Perrie and myself. The magazine features articles about Canada's vast brewing industry from coast to coast, pubs, beer styles, over sea reports, beer and food pairings, history and anything and everything between. Check out for subscription details and for locations to pick up your copy, or send me an email with your contact information and I'll pass it along.

Beer Bottle Pint Glasses:
These things are cool. Terry and Jennifer Craig own and operate a glass blowing factory to the north, Tory Hill, ON to be exact, and create very unique beer glasses from recycled bottles. The couple visit numerous breweries and visit local beer stores to pick up old 'painted' bottles to make art out of. The bottle necks are expanded and the glass is stretched enough for a 14oz pour, without even ruining the etchings on the bottles. Mill Street, Steam Whistle, Innis and Gunn, Corona, Grolsch and Red Stripe are all very popular with customers. So, where to buy? You can find them all at Distill, in Toronto's distillery district along with a handful of stores that support local artists. For more information, contact Terry and Jennifer at

Brewery Tour:
What a great way to reconnect with the old man. Visiting a local craft brewery, touring the brewhouse and having some samples sounds like the perfect day to me. The Ontario Craft Brewers website features an extensive interactive road map of local breweries in different Ontario regions. So jump in the car, buckle up and head out to your local brewery, or venture further down the road to a place you've never been before. Check Grand River's historic building in Cambridge, ON, have lunch and pints at Trafalgar Brewery's Tied House, tour the cellars at Neustadt brewery or go to beer church in Campbellford, ON to the Church Key Brewing Co.

Brunch and Beer:
Got this covered. You have to visit the Granite Brewery in Toronto - or Halifax for their weekly brunch with a nice pint of their cask conditioned Best Bitter Special (still one of my favourite beers!). Located at Mt.Pleasant and Eglinton Ave, the Granite has been pleasing beer and food lovers for over 15 years. Ron Keefe is the man you may find behind the glass wall, playing with the cooper brew tanks. Feel free to glance inside at the large assortment of books in the library room at the front of the house and no visit is complete unless you take home that special growler of a hand pulled beer. Better call for reservations today.

Gift Certificate to the LCBO:
I don't think it's a secret to lovers of quality beer that the LCBO has recently improved their beer section with a handful of well reputable and flavourful beers from around the world. Treat pappy with a gift certificate as a way to give him the chance to try something new and unique, something not always available.

So here's to an early Father's Day. You can't see me but I'm raising a pint glass to you all as I sit here and write this.

"Support your locals"


Anonymous said...

Good One....

Keith Cangiarella said...

Very nice idea about Father's day gift . The bottle gift that will make them smile and be treasured for a lifetime.
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