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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Denison's: Our Favourite Weissbier

This won't be headline grabbing news to the regular readers of The Bar Towel tm, but I thought I'd expand on the recent announcement posted on on that site by Denison's owner/founding brewer Michael Hancock.

Back on May 19th, Hancock posted a message on Bar Towel regarding his recent move to the Cool Brewing Company to have Denison’s beers brewed there, as opposed to following Ken Woods and Black Oak to their new digs in Etobicoke. Hancock has had his signature Weissbier and Dunkel brewed under licence at the Black Oak brewery for the last couple of years after moving there from the Mill Street brewery, but when Woods and company decided it was time to re-locate the Black Oak brewery closer to the city (Toronto) Hancock decided it was his time to re-locate himself. Not that anything happened between the two. On the contrary. These two guys are great friends and Woods has previously mentioned how Hancock has served as a role model while he was learning the ropes of running a brewery. Woods actually served at Denison's Brew Pub on Victoria street back in the day.

Hancock's decision to move his brewing operation to the Cool brewery was simply based on space and hence, the ability to grow freely. Cool has lots of it, providing Hancock with the opportunity to brew more Weissbier in order to keep up with increasing consumer demand, and to brew Dunkel year round.

I ran into Hancock shortly after he posted his message one blurry night at Volo (I hope you made it home in time Michael), where he informed me that the first Weissbier was brewed at Cool over a month before, and so far so good. He stressed the fact that when there is a move of this proportion that is could take a bit to weed out abnormalities caused during the brewing process as the new beer adapts to its new surroundings. He did point out however that when he moved from Mill Street to Black Oak that everything turned out great, and judging by the quietness of the Bar Towel crowd everything seems true to style since moving to Cool.

I also got to hear some plans for Dension's for the future, or should I say goals of Hancock's. But this isn't a cheesy tabloid blog so I'll reserve comment for a later date or when things start to transpire. It was interesting to hear some things that take place behind the beer, things everyday beer drinkers wouldn't otherwise hear about. I was very impressed with Hancock's passion for the craft brewing industry and he is a great man to discuss the brewing industry with, as he has been through it all.

I, along with many other Denison's fans, look forward to seeing his Weissbier at more and more accounts and being able to have a Dunkel year round.


Sammy said...

I love Denison's and I hope to see it in bottle format one day soon. Anyword on that?


Orser said...

The weissbier is my go to beer when I'm out at the pubs. I hope Hancock gets a brewery someday soon.

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