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Friday, May 16, 2008

Were You Feeling Orange Last Night?

Were you? Were you feeling Orange last night? I sure was as Great Lakes, Toronto's oldest operating craft brewery threw a bash at Victory Cafe to launch their 2008 summer seasonal - Orange Peel Ale.

I got there a bit early to check out the pub (I am ashamed to mention that I'd never been there before last night). Everything that Nicholas Pashley wrote in his profile about the Victory is true, it is a fabulous pub. It just happened to be a beautiful day here in Toronto and the spacious patio was full of happy drinkers. That suited me just fine as I would rather sit at the bar and chat with the bartender. After downing a freshly tapped pint of Granite's Best Bitter Special and a burger, I headed upstairs with the lads from Great Lakes to help set up for what was to be a great night.

When John Bowden (marketing,sales,promotions) asked me if I wanted to lend a hand with decorations I happily agreed and was put to work putting up posters and tying balloons. It wasn't hard or anything, but seeing all that beer was giving me a terrible thirst for some vitamin 'C'. The upstairs room was nicely put together by the Great Lakes team with orange everywhere. Orange table clothes, fake oranges, orange balloons, posters and orange streamers. I threw some TAPS magazine around for guests and by 6:15 the party was on its way.

Guests were greeted at the door with a sample of the Orange Peel Ale and were provided two complimentary tickets for two pints at the bar (only Great Lakes products). Fingers food were brought out and the chicken wings dosed in Orange Peel sauce were a big hit. Music was also provided as two local bands took turns sharing the stage.

The event was well attended and including many faces from local LCBO's, some members for the Ontario Craft Brewers Association, other pub and restaurant owners/operators and some regular faces from other beer events. Everyone was having a good time in support on one of Ontario's most recognized beer producers.

***The Orange Peel Ale is now available for purchase in select LCBO's (although it's not on their website database yet) and on tap at various pubs and fine beer restaurants. Being the long weekend and all, you better get yours fast before it sells out.

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