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Monday, May 12, 2008

TAPS: Canada's Beer Magazine - Spring Issue

The new issue of TAPS: Canada's Beer Magazine will be hitting the shelves of select Chapters/Indigo stores nationwide this week. Since the first issue of TAPS was launched back in January the TAPS team has been working hard putting together a magazine that we can be proud of and one that will be well received by beer drinkers.

There are some new faces in this issue as Stephan Beaumont, Craig Pinhey, Connie Proteau, Martin Sayer and Kristina Santone have all joined the team with insightful articles on our favourite beverage.

Here's what you can expect to see in the Spring Issue:

Burtch on Beer - I prepared a question and answer article with the LCBO Category manager of beer - Leanne Rhee. We discussed the future plans the LCBO has for their beer section and discussed what Rhee's role entails.

Beer Styles 101 - Greg Clow (beerbeatsbites, Tasteto) prepared an article on dunkels and schwarzbier that left my mouth watering. He gives readers a clear understanding of these two types of dark lagers and offers up a number of suggestions from breweries coast to coast.

My Point of View - Stephan Beaumont tells you to get out there and explore beers diverse qualities. He delivers this message in his editorial piece, encouraging learning about beer and having fun doing it. Beaumont is a world recognized beer writer whose writing will bring a large degree of creditability to the magazine.

East Coast Brew News - Craig Pinhey, another new addition to the team discusses Inbev's (Labatt) decision to launch a new beer in Alexander Keith's Traditional Lager. It is an interesting article that should have beer fans paying close attention to its development nationwide.

Ask the Brewmaster - Seasoned veteran Bill White discusses hops in great detail on the back drop of some fabulous photographs of the green beauties. He also keeps readers posted on the "Order of the Hop" festival in Poperinge, Belgium. White also talks about beer and food pairings in the "perfect pair" section of the magazine.

Where in the World - Owner/publisher Rob Engman likes to travel and travel he did to Bruges, Belgium. He provides readers with a behind the scenes glimpse into the rich beer culture in Bruges, generating envy among all beer lovers.

Kristina Santone fills us in on some "green" breweries, Mirella Amato provides an insight into Le Chaval Blanc in Quebec and maple beers in Ontario, Connie Proteau invites readers into Crannog Ales in British Columbia's interior to learn about their organic operations, Bill Perrie talks about where he spent St.Paddy's day and the Bull and Barrel pub in Barrie,ON, and Martin Sayer makes his introduction with a great read on the history behind pub names. There is also an interview with Teri Fahrendorf, a female brewer known for brewing in many breweries during a 5 month beer safari.

There you have it, a beer magazine filled with loads of useful and interesting information for both male and female beer drinkers. So grab a copy, pop a top and sit back with your feet up and enjoy our hard work.

For a list of locations were to obtain a copy click here.


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