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Monday, May 5, 2008

Meet Jamie Mistry: Cool Beer Brewing Brewmaster

Meet Jamie Mistry - Brewmaster at Cool Brewery.

Jamie got his BSC at Waterloo U. and did post-graduate studies at Heriot Watt U. in Brewing Distilling Science. After this, he held senior positions at the Upper Canada and Steam Whistle breweries. Jamie co-created Cool’s new Millennium Buzz Beer among his many accomplishments.

How long have you been brewing beer?
Since I was 16

How long have you been with Cool?
Total of 8 years

Who did you brew for before Cool?
Upper Canada and Steam Whistle

How did you get into the brewing industry?
First job out of university was working in the lab at Upper Canada Brewing.

Brief history of the Cool brewery?
We have been brewing for 11 years, started out selling draught only at first and started bottling a few years ago. 90% of our sales are in draught, we also co-pack for some smaller craft brewers.

Describe the new location.
We purchased the new location and wanted to move to a more visible location. We purchased a used brewhouse from Germany, a 140 hl Huppmann Brewhouse. (164 Evans Avenue, Toronto - Just off the Gardiner Expressway and just south of Great Lakes Brewery)

How long has Cool been a member of the Ontario Craft Brewers (OCB)?
Since the beginning.

What is the line-up of Cool beers look like?
We brew: Cool Lager - a blonde, crisp, refreshing beer (signature beer), Stonewall Light and Millennium Buzz Beer - a hemp based red lager.

Where are your beers available for purchase?
LCBO's, Beer Stores and many, many accounts throughout Ontario.

Describe your passion for the brewing industry.
I would describe the craft scene as a community where we all share ideas and experiences. Not a day goes by where a challenge does not arise.

What's your favourite beer style?
I will try anything once, but un-filtered lagers

What events will drinkers see Cool at this summer?
Not sure will look in to it, but I imagine Cool will be at the usuals.

Best place to have a beer?
Loved Smokeless Joe's 7 years ago, very interesting beers all the time. Now don’t get out too often (children), so best place now is anywhere with a good selection of domestic and imported beer with about a half dozen of your friends.

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Troy Burtch said...

Mistry is now the brewmaster at Toronto's Amsterdam Brewing Company, joining them in August 2008.

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