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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's Gonna Be An Off-Centred Night

Tonight is the night that many us of beer enthusiasts have been waiting for; Dogfish Head Craft Brewery owner Sam Calagione will be at Toronto's Beerbistro for a nine course beer and food pairing to familiarize drinkers with some of his off-centred ales.

Dogfish Head, who originated in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, have created a niche for themselves with their wide array of extreme beers and unique marketing. Calagione, who is also an accomplished author of 3 books, started the brewery in 1995 and it was considered to be the smallest craft brewery in the U.S. at the time. Today his beers are widely regarded by hop heads, judges, beer writers and beer fans in general, and Dogfish Head has gone from the smallest brewery in the U.S. to one of the fastest growing breweries in the nation.

Tonight Calagione will greet his admirers to share in a nine course meal prepared by Chef Brian Morin, owner/operator of Beerbistro. Tickets went on sale May 1st for $100.00 and the last one was sold just under an hour later. Needless to say that this event is highly anticipated.

Here are the planned pairings that were obtained from The Bar Towel.

1st - Chateau Jiatu - mini lobster roll
2nd - Black and Blue - soup and sandwich
3rd - Indian Brown - bacon and eggs
4th - 60 minute - buffalo wings
5th - Raison d’etre - tongue and cheek mac & cheese
6th - 90 minute - bbq ribs
7th - 120 Minute - broccoli and cheese
8th - Raison D’extra - peanut butter and banana
9th - Fort - lollipop

Sounds delicious doesn't it!

Calagione's first book: Adventures in Entrepreneurship - Brewing up a Business, was the first beer book I had really purchased myself and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have actually read it more than once. So, as you have probably already have guessed, I am really looking forward to tonight.

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