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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Excellent Column in Toronto Star

Last month at the Southern Tier beer dinner I ran into Josh Rubin from the Toronto Star who is the beer reporter for the 'What's Brewing' column in the food section. He mentioned that he had taken a trip down to the Southern Tier brewery in Lakewood, NY for a tour and to prepare an article on US craft beer, and today the Star ran a nice spread.

The article, titled "Is American Beer Any Good?" discusses the increasingly positive reputation American brewers are getting from beer drinkers around the world. Years ago the Germans, Belgians and the English, would have all been considered the top quality beer producers in the world. They're still up there, but the resurgence in the craft brewing movement in America that started in the early 80's has stripped the aforementioned countries of the title of the best in the world.

When I am out with a group or entertaining friends at the house and we get into a discussion about beer, many people have no idea about the quality of American craft beers. To be fair though, many aren't aware of what's going on in the Ontario craft brewing scene either. People really think that because it says 4% on the bottle of Bud (in the US) that American beers are lighter, weaker and less flavourful that their Canadian counterparts. It will be fun watching their reactions when they try these beers.

Rubin also shares some secrets about some U.S. beers that will be making their way into the LCBO to join others in the fall and winter seasonal releases.
"He also brews a bottle-conditioned Belgian ale, which will be on sale at the LCBO some time in the next year. Brooklyn's Black Chocolate Stout, a rich, strong imperial stout, will be part of the LCBO's seasonal program this winter."
By he, Rubin is referring to Brooklyn brewmaster and outspoken beer and food expert Garrett Oliver. Excellent news.

Also, throughout the column Rubin mentions different local suppliers and local beer bars where individuals can purchase these terrific beers, putting a nice home town touch to the story.

The LCBO is doing there part by getting these world renowned beers into the hands of Ontario drinkers and even though there will only be a handful, it's a good start with good things to come.

Great column.
Great news.
And now I'm sitting here at work craving a hoppy Imperial.

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