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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Alberta to Restrict Happy Hour Times

I wish that Ontario had a happy hour that we could discuss, but no, sadly the Ontario government abolished that long ago. I remember sitting in the Old Triangle Irish Pub in Halifax (when I lived there) at 4pm on a Tuesday and drinking 12oz glasses of beer for $2. Glory days.

News today from the Canadian Press is stating that the province of Alberta will be imposing minimum drink prices and will be putting restrictions on happy hour times to curtail excessive drinking. The Solicitor General, Fred Lindsay, says the changes that will be announced fairly quickly are designed "to keep people in a more sober state so they react in a more reasonable manner." I guess this guy would ban driving if he witnessed the Toronto highways at rush hour too!

I'm telling you, pretty soon these tea drinking government officials will have set a limit on the booze we purchase, consume, and the penalities imposed for breaking such laws will be unimaginable. I am all for responsible drinking, that's why I get discouraged reading something like this; new restrictions based on the actions on a handful of rowdy young people (and I'm still in my early 20's). Kids will be kids, take away the happy hour and increase prices and watch what will happen - more binge drinking at the home before venturing out for the night. It's kinda like the handgun situation here in Toronto. Will banning handguns within Toronto city limits actually decrease the amount of gun violence? I think not. Will restricting happy hour times and raising prices decrease excessive drinking? Maybe in public, but certainly not in the home.

End rant.

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