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Friday, April 25, 2008

Time to Step Up - Southern Tier Beer Dinner

Beer dinners. There is something about them that excites us, stirs anticipation and offers an opportunity to meet others that share in our passion. They teach us about the outstanding qualities beer offers when paired with the right meal and leave us with a greater appreciation for the individuals who created it.

Over the months I have heard first hand from other beer geeks (fans/lovers/enthusiasts) about the lack of such events in Canada's largest city. With the exception of regular events at Beerbistro and the Abbot on the Hill, beer dinners weren't all that common. Until recently.

Lately there has been a multitude of web postings about different events where the focus is on pairing food with a certain brand or from a wide array of different brews. Bringing beer to the for front has been great, but I think there has been some trouble attracting more people than just us die-hards. In order for these events to continue on a regular basis, not only do we need to support what we've asked for for so long, but we have an obligation to attract others who might enjoy them as well.

Roland and Russell are hosting their Southern Tier IPA launch dinner tonight at the Academy of Spherical Arts, and for only $75 you can enjoy a four course meal matched with four different Southern Tier beers. Southern Tier is a relatively young brewery based out of Lakewood, NY, but the hype their IPA has achieved has created a demand for the Ontario market, who are thirsty for a regularly available IPA in bottle format. The R&R team have worked hard at making this happen through distribution with the government run LCBO and tonight they want to celebrate with folks that have made it happen and hopefully introduce it to new consumers.

This should be a sold out event. Southern Tier owner Phin Demink will be on hand to discuss the brewery and his products, which should be an interesting discussion. (The previous information that was posted was inaccurate regarding TasteTO and Bar Towel - sorry for any confusion and inconvenience this may have caused). As mentioned, this is a beer that has gained a strong reputation for its flavour, aroma, hop presence and consistency, and has been largely pushed by beer geeks in this city. And now it's time to step up and support this initiative by ensuring events like this will continue.

Being from a small community to the north of here, spending $75 on a professionally prepared four course meal with four different well craft beers is unheard of. In Toronto, Bay street boys and government workers have no problem spending $75 at the Bier Markt after work, they don't know the deal their missing tonight.

So, if your looking for something to do tonight, single or whatever, contact the Academy at 416-532-2782 or Roland and Russell at 5416-801-9885 to reserve a ticket or two. I'm sure you won't regret it.


Butternut Squash, roasted pear and cheddar soup
- Served with Phin & Matt’s Extraordinary Ale

Baked black cod with sweet potato, rapini and a walnut butter sauce
- Served with Porter

Spicy chicken panang with scented rice, crisp garlic and onions
- Served with IPA

Bitter Chocolate mousse with fresh raspberries and sauce
- Served with Raspberry Ale


See you there!!

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Alan said...

Great meeting you, Troy. The photo of you photo-taking made A Good Beer Blog.

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