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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Four New U.S. Additions to LCBO General List

Some readers may already know this but just keeping you posted. The following U.S. craft beers will be available at select LCBO stores in May:

Sam Adams Summer Ale $12.65 per six-pack of 355 ml bottles
Anchor Steam $10.35 per six-pack of 355 ml bottles
Rogue Dead Guy Ale $13.95 per six-pack of 355 ml bottles
Southern Tier IPA $12.00 per six-pack of 355 ml bottles

All these products will be joining the LCBO's general list, which means they will be available year round (with the exception of Sam Adams Summer Ale). I'm not sure if it's a typo or not, but a 6 pack of Anchor Steam for $10.35 is a great deal.


Alan said...

They all look good but the Sam Adams is a great addition. US craft summer beers are really a huge improvement on the "Lite" gak we usually get. My annual summer week in Maine depends on their local variants of craft summer beer.

But surely the summer ale will not be the general permanent listing, will it? Will it be the Sam Adams seasonal?

Troy Burtch said...

No, the SA Summer Ale is a seasonal offering at the LCBO. The other three are general listings.

Alan said...

You know, that is an amazing price on the Anchor. I can't think of another listing of a six at that price. Any references to its price I can see on the interweb says it is a buck or two higher than other craft. Hope this isn't old stock like I suspected with the explosive Hen's Tooth brought in in 2007.

Jim said...

I had the Sam Adams Summer Ale last week when I was in Massachusetts, and I wasn't really impressed with it, compared to other Sam seasonal beers I've had in the past (especially their Winter Ale and Wheat beers). However, the addition of Southern Tier IPA and Rogue Dead Guy are great additions.

Dave said...

Where do you find this list from the LCBO? Is it available online?

Troy Burtch said...

Dave, I'm not sure if it's online yet. I have a contact at the LCBO that keeps me posted :)

Johnny Boy said...

I could survive on Southern Tier! It's delicious. Sure hope more U.S. craft beers show up on LCBO shelves in 2009.

Troy Burtch said...

JB - The Southern Tier is a great beer. Definitely something that I could live on too.

Thanks for reading.

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