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Friday, April 18, 2008

Creemore Launches 12pack Pilsner Bottles

Creemore Springs Premium Lager was one of the beers that got me hooked on craft products. I drank a bunch of it when I was first starting out on my beer quest and still have the odd one now and then. Ever since Creemore was purchased by Molson-Coors people have waited for the product to decrease in flavour and quality. To my experience though it hasn't changed a bit, and just last year they launched a Traditional Pilsner for their 20th anniversary which has flown off the shelves.

To mark the success of the newest member of the family, Creemore will be releasing 12packs of the pilsner at Beer Stores throughout Ontario. I haven't stepped foot in a Beer Store (other than to return empties) in a long time, but this may get me back in during a trip to the cottage.

"Traditional Pilsner is proving to be another locally-produced favourite among consumers," says Karen Gaudino, Director of Sales and Marketing. "The demand has grown steadily since we launched and we're so pleased to be able to increase its availability through the Beer Store as well."
The Traditional Pilsner is brewed in the classic pilsner style with a nice floral, spicy hop presence and a clean finish. It pours an attractive golden hue with a nice thick white head. The toasty malt aroma compliments the small, but present hop notes. I tried this at the brewery unfiltered with white fish and cabbage soup and it was outstanding. The pilsner can also be served with a roast pork, soft cheeses and it goes great with a ball game on the telly.

The 473ml cans will still be available at select LCBO's for those of us that don't know what the Beer Store looks like.

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