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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Beer Barons To Launch Weihenstephan

Beer Barons Launches An Award Winning Premium Wheat Beer In Canada From The World’s Oldest Brewer, Weihenstephan!

Although the beer is not Canadian, and the Bier Markt is not a pub, I am posting this because I am a huge fan of Weihenstephan and Weissbier's in general. Denison's Weiss, need I say more. Many German wheats have modeled themselves after this iconic brewery and I know I am thankful for that.
Here is the press release:

Enjoy the German “Durst auf Leben!” - Thirst for Life! Beer Barons is launching an award winning premium high quality wheat beer, “Hefeweissbier” in Canada, from the world’s oldest brewer, Weihenstephan (pronounced Y – en – Steffan) – with a special kick-off in Toronto on Thursday May 8, 2008 at 6:30pm at the Bier Markt!

Beer Barons is hosting an exclusive invitation-only launch party to introduce beer aficionados to the delicate flavour of this internationally renowned beer. Guests get to enjoy six distinctive styles of Weihenstephan beers, expertly matched with menu offerings from the Bier Markt.

“Hefeweissbier” is a smooth traditional German wheat beer that has a savoury aroma of light citrus, cloves and yeast that are balanced nicely with the lightness provided by the wheat. It has a full-bodied taste with fruity banana overtones, spicy clove and citrus flavours. The “Hefeweissbier” contains an interesting diversity of taste, with a rich yeast essence. This beer is best paired with meals that are light in flavour – perfect with any salad, meat, poultry, fish or shellfish dish. Be one of the first in Canada to taste the pleasant mosaic flavours of "Hefeweissbier."

“Hefeweissbier” is brewed by Weihenstephan, a world-renowned brewery in Germany that began nearly a thousand years ago as a monastery brewery of the Benedictine monks and is recognized worldwide – with a stamp of approval from Canada’s Brewmaster, Bill White, spokesperson for Beer Barons.

“The brewery enjoys close links with the famous brewing school, University of Weihenstephan, which shares its name. Look for Weihenstephan's award winning weiss beers coming soon to a store near you in Ontario," exclaims Bill White. “Join us in the experience!”

Weihenstephan is a state-owned enterprise in Freising, Bavaria, Germany, producing 12 premium quality beers with worldwide distribution to over 30 countries. It serves as the “university for brewmasters” at the Faculty of Brewing at Munich’s Technical University.

“Hefeweissbier” is here! It will be available at participating LCBO retail outlets on May 31, 2008.

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