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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

OCB Podcast

Last evening I sat down with Michelle Book from Fleishman-Hillard, a marketing and communications firm that represents the Ontario Craft Brewers. They are the people behind the scenes of the OCB Blog site and they put together the podcasts that keep us entertained during our working hours.

We talked about how I got into writing about beer and pubs, here on this blog and for TAPS: Canada's Beer Magazine. I also talked about where I think the Ontario brewing industry is headed, what I hope to see in the future and beer and food pairings. Michelle was a great host who asked some good questions that had my scratching my head. The OCB Podcasts are great as you get to learn a little more about some of the people involved in the Ontario market. The blog is great as well, but more breweries have to get involved.

After the taping was complete and I was on my way home, I started to think about all the breweries I failed to mention. Ontario really does feature some great brewers that we take for granted because they are right here in our backyard. I felt good thinking about how much Ontarians are starting to embrace the local breweries and how beer is starting to get more and more recognition.

The podcast should be posted on the OCB site in two weeks, so stay tuned for that. Not sure how I'll come across, but one thing's for sure, I'll be listening to it while drinking a local beer.


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