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Monday, March 24, 2008

New Brew Pub in Nova Scotia: Port Pub&Bistro

There is a new brew pub in Port William, NS serving up a variety of beers crafted by head brewer Randy Lawrence.

*I was mistaken - the pub is in Port Williams, a few towns over from Kentville and across the bridge out of Wolfville.**

Back to the Port Pub and Bistro. In 2004, three local couples were having dinner when the idea of opening their own pub came up, as they perceived the town was lacking in this department. After rounding up investors from the area and others from as far away as South Africa, France and England, the couples purchased some land and set to work planning out the building's layout. Just over a year ago the land was bare, now a large brew pub occupies the site and is gaining accolades faster than expected.

Lawrence brews a number of beers for the pub, which are given names to symbolize life in the Maritimes. Port of the Storm porter, described on the website as "a smooth tasting ale has a roasted malt flavour with hints of chocolate and coffee. The initial sweetness is complimented by a judicious amount of English hops," certainly sounds delicious, and the Moondance Organic Lager claims to be Nova Scotia's first organic.

The owners expected to attract 75 persons per day upon opening, but they've averaged over 200 and served over 16,00 in the last two months. The owners are very proud of the fact that they've helped employ many locals as the brew pub created 36 full and part time jobs.

So next time you visit the beautiful Annapolis Valley, make sure to head over the the Port Pub and indulge in a fresh craft brew.


Anonymous said...

The pub is actually in Port Williams just over the bridge coming out of Wolfville.
... a few towns over from kentville.
And I strongly agree, Randys beer is the best Ive ever tasted!
Definitely worth the visit, hope his beer gets to the liqour stores soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Had to say three things: 1) Beer is exceptional and worth the trip. 2) The Port is NOT a pub, no pub feel to this place at all, Bistro yes but pub? 3) Food is hit and miss on the numerous occasions we've visited. 10/10 for beer, 6.5/10 for food and 7/10 for the overall feel of the place. We won't discuss the service, reserving final judgement...

Troy Burtch said...

Anonymous #2
Thanks for the review. I have never been there but look forward to on my next trip out east.

Anonymous said...

We were there for a visit this week, the cleanliness of the place, the airiness and wonderful pastoral scenery, the food was reasonable and my husband said the English bitter was excellent. The bathrooms were so beautiful I took pictures.

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