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Monday, March 24, 2008

National Post on US Craft Beers Coming to LCBO

It's always fun waking up to see 'new' beer news in the press, and even better when it has to do with the good stuff and not about Bud Light gaining 2% of the market or something to that extent.

No, today's article in the National Post; featuring quotes from Bar Towel founder Cass Enright, and Chris Layton from the LCBO's Media Relations division, was and is definitely worth the read.

They touched on the sales for Rogue Brutal Bitter, a beer from Portland, Oregon which recently found a home on the LCBO's shelves. Enright hit the nail on the head when he mentioned that "Canadian's don't know what their missing," in regards to the breweries just across the border and the terrific beers they brew. Well, lately the LCBO has been trying to do something about this for the drinkers of Ontario. Over the next two months they will be rolling out four additional US craft brews (suspected to be Southern Tier and Dogfish Head and ......wait and see).

I am a adamant supporter of the Ontario craft brewers and I always will, but I think most beer lovers will agree with me when I say that Ontario is still in it's infancy compared to the brews being made south of the border with the exception of some.

So drink up while they're here. And the Rogue Brutal Bitter is definitely worth your attention.

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